Josef Klammer :: sound projects

1986: "Heimatklang Klangheimat", a concert with sounds from city Eisenerz (with S.Gruendler, SKI 86)

1987: "Razionalnik", worldwide first midi / modem / computerconcert, simultaneously in Graz, Budapest,Trient and Ljubljana (with S.Gruendler, Entgrenzte Grenzen, Arge Alpen Adria) • MORE

1987: Sarkophag, by Richard Kriesche, Sound - and Computerprogramming together with S.Gruendler.

1988: Clock Tower, the clock tower of Graz (landmark), made of plexiglas, with cassette deck mechanism and solar cell (exhibition: souvenir, WERKSTADT GRAZ). • MORE

1988: "Music out of the spray bottle", 5 signal tabes for the flag installation ";Politics and Art 1938 - 1988"; by Peter Gerwin Hoffmanns (SKI 88). pix 1  pix 2

1988: Im Trockenraum I, In the Dryroom I, concert for 60 headphones with :: Seppo Gruendler, (Graz / Kulturhauskeller / Christian Marczik) • pdf

1989: "The Boxers", motion and punches of the boxers define the rhythm and the sounds of a fightconcert/concertfight during 3x3 minutes (with S.Gruendler, SKI 89)• MORE | pix 1  pix 2

1991: "ear shots", music performance and live recording at cafe paradox / Graz / Austria together with Seppo Gruendler. Klammer modulated his sounds by light-controllers and controlled stroke magnets by his drum strokes • MORE   | :: shop

1991: "3:25"
, music performance with radio and yodels, Art Sat, Space Art Transmission Austromir by R. Kriesche ORF/FS1)

1992: "Puente Telefonico", EXPO 1992, live - telecommunications concert with the sound sculpture of X-Space (Gerfried Stocker / Horst Hoertner) online between Sevilla and the ORF/Artradio (with S.Gruendler)

1992: "20 drying hoods", acoustic work for culture tourists, WERKSTADT GRAZ (with S.Gruendler)

1993: "HeißEiJuhe", L´arte Dell´Ascolto 93 / ORF/Artradio, audio-tape for the Pupliphono in Rimini
• mp3

1992: "Transistor Jodler", live-composition for :: ARTSAT, by Richard Kriesche, live at TV ORF

1992: "Sampler", exhibition WERKSTADT GRAZ, project with sewing-machine, computer headband and single-CD • MORE   | :: shop

1993: "TELAY", TELephone - DeLAY - concert with two satellites between Sydney and New York, europian month of culture in Graz, Teleskulptur III, Kulturdata
• MORE   | :: shop

1993/1995: "A Going and Coming“, interactive doorway in the Youth Hostel, steirischer herbst (styrian autumn) ´93, WERKSTADT GRAZ, SKI 95

1995: "ADA Analog Drumming", drum set with 5 loudspeakers, 5 CD-Player, 5 CD´s and 5 Amplifiers, exhibition Landesmuseum Ferdinandeum Innsbruck (catalogue)

1997: "RGB", sychronised music project between Berlin and Graz, ORF Kunstradio and Jazz Radio 101,9 Berlin; conducted and synchronised via TV-signal, Musikprotokoll 97, steirischer herbst (styrian autumn) 97 (together with Seppo Gruendler)

1997: "four radio", the Klammer&Gruendler Duo controlled and modulated the radioprograms Ö3 and Ö2 for a quadrophonique radio concert via the radio programs ÖE1 and FM4, ORF / Artradio (together with Seppo Gruendler)

2000: "ERROR 2000", participation "Steiermärkischen Landesaustellung GR2000AZ"

2000: "Sound from Paradise", permanent composition for the sound-pyramides of the „International Garden Exhibition“ Graz/Unterpremstätten (mit S. Gründler)

2002: "Applause1", sound-installation for the Graz Marathon with applause-fragments (Werkstadt Graz)

2003: "Silentium Silicium",  performance with glas drum and live electronic , Werkstadt Graz

2003: "Applause2", sound-installation for the culture-marathon Graz 2003, "one handclap for the first, two for the second, three for the third, ..... thousand for the thousandth,..a.s.o." (Werkstadt Graz)

2007/8: "Trommeln ist ein dehnbarer Begriff " / "Drumming is an Elastic Concept)", drum solo for LATTEX-drums and live-electronics   • MORE

2009: Die Individualisten / The Individualists "Applause3", sound and video composition. participation in the exhibition "Jahrhundertsturm" Kuenstlerhaus / Graz / Austria
 • VIDEO (74 MB) editing by :: XXkunstkabel  

2010: Pegelton / Reference Tone, sound concept for the limided edition
:: PETER WEIBEL, Europa - Umschreibeprogramm. Folder, DVD, Booklet, Poster, Postcard. Edition WERKSTADT GRAZ, ISBN: 3-901793-13-5,
order >  :: Arthaus Musik Berlin and :: Werkstadt Graz • MORE

2011: at  ::C.AM.P Festival Karlsruhe / Hfg / ZKM, performance together with Fried Dähn, Max Hattler, and i.m.klif  
Festival trailer 

2011: at :: Audioartfestival Krakau "Trommeln ist ein dehnbarer Begriff " / "Drumming is an Elastic Term)", drum solo for LATTEX-drums and live-electronics,     • MORE

2013: ALMRAUSCHEN / THE MURMUR OF ALPINE PASTURES, Concert for large cowbell and home electronics, :: liquid music 2013 / Judenburg / Austria   • MORE

2013: WEIDENSPITZ, sound and light projekt with :: Kurt Laurenz Theinert,
international street art festival :: OLALA 2013 Lienz / Austria   • MORE

2013: "Der Spass ist aus, das Spiel beginnt" / "The fun is over, let the game begin", sound and light projekt with :: Kurt Laurenz Theinert and :: Wolfgang Mitterer, Herz-Jesu-Church Graz / Austria, international street art festival :: La Strada Graz 2013 (youtube) (vimeo)  • MORE

2015: "Sevus Friedl!" / "Geetings Friedl!", Commisioned by :: ORF musikprotokoll / :: steirischer herbst 2015 / Graz / Lesliehof / Universalmuseum Joanneum • MORE

2015: "MITTERLING", environment in Bad Radkersburg / Gornja Radgona
together with :: Albert Pall, :: Joachim Baur,
commisioned by :: Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum Steiermark
:: project home page

2016: Human Voice sound installation for ::"Kunst Scanning 1.0", by :: Peter Gerwin Hoffmann,
:: liquid music
2016 / Judenburg / Austria• short video

2017: The Sound of the Internet of Things, commisioned by :: ORF musikprotokoll / :: steirischer herbst 2017 / Graz / Helmut List Halle. With :: Seppo Gründler and :: Stefan Doepner

2020: ::, commisioned by :: Kunst im Öffentlichen Raum
:: Musikprotokoll 2020 / steirischen herbst

:: Josef Klammer:
cencept, music, toys, electronics, :: Seppo Gründler: concept, e-guitar, electronics, :: Kurt Laurenz Theinert: visual piano, :: Volha Hapeyeva: text,
:: NInja Reichert: voice, performance, :: Nick Acorne: operator
Oct / 7 / 2020 / 19h30 Aussichtsdeck Radetzkybrücke, Graz
 • more

2021:  Click&Collect - Schaufensterkonzerte im Citypark Graz
:: Josef Klammer: cencept, music, toys, electronics, :: Seppo Gründler: concept, e-guitar
and :: The Styrian Improvisers Orchestra
• more

2023:  AURICLE - augmented Decision oder die erweiterte Entscheidung
:: Josef Klammer: cencept, music, toys, electronics, :: Seppo Gründler: concept, e-guitar, electronics
commissiond and produced by :: open music, curated by Ute Pinter
within the framework of :: ORF Musikprotokoll 2023
with friedly support of :: KIÖR Kunst im Öffendlichen Raum Steiermark
• more