Josef Klammer :: The Boxers

The Boxers
Josef Klammer, Seppo Gründler, 1989

Motion and punches of the boxers define the rhythm and the sounds of a fightconcert/concertfight during 3x3 minutes,
commisioned by Steirische Kulturinitiative 1989 (Zeit-Sympoisium 24 . - 26. April 1989) and galerie H (HUMANIC), Meerscheinschlössl, Graz

Two amateur boxers, 1 referee, 1 boxing ring, 2 Ensoniq Mirage samplers, 2 Yamaha FP01, 2 Mega Atari computers, effect processors, light barriers, punch trigger/sensors, selfmade illegal unregistrated FM transmitters and receifers.

b&w pictures (by Otmar Klammer) pix 1  pix 2
video stills from original footage by cinedoc