Josef Klammer :: Ear Shots

GRAZER ETIKETT, LC 6185, GE 01, 1991

Josef Klammer: drums, octapad, MIDI-controller
Seppo Gründler: guitar, MIDI-guitar, mouse, MIDI-controller, tapes

Recorded on 11/291990 in the former practice room of the Klammer & Gründler Duo. Originally more than 56 minutes, the concert was trimmed down to 40:44. The individual tracks (im rockenraum 01-14 correspond to the 14 cuts. In this way the individual pieces can be arranged in any sequence desired.

The "Printers Association for Media Work" commissions a recorded feature broadcast which was first performed live on 5/22/1991 in Weiz (Austria)
The three parts Office, Setting and Printing center around the perspective areas of production. The sounds and noises which were recorded on location and a sound profile made over the course of several days serve a the basic material for the sound used. In addition, the work sequence was stored by means of digital feelers. This data controlled the course of the concert. Originally 50 minutes, the concert was trimmed down to 18:25 for the CD.

Recorded on 3/15/1991 in Cafe Paradox as a continuation of "An Electroacoustical Event", a program in the museum of perception in Graz, Klammer & Gründler viewed both the sound sources/noise producers around them as a resource from which the electroacoustical event is caved out. Guitars and percussion were excluded from the actual sound production as they are relicts of an antiquated from of making music. The environment present in the cafe was incorporated an an electroacoustical natural body of sound. Thus various forms of controlling and influencing the sound determined the course of the concert.For us, the computer is not simple a tool but a machine capable of producing worlds and making them perceptible. In our work, we use the computer primarily for perceptible and prosthetic reason rather then in a superficial and purely instrumental way. All to frequently, people forget that it is not the production of the perfect surfaces that matters but the comprehension of meanings. The material speaks for itself.

All tracks are live, no sequences or overdubs.
track 1 - 14, live direct to DAT 11/29/1991, Fabrik Graz, engineer Gerfried Stocker
try 15 + 19, live to 4 track analogue, 3/15/1991, Museum der Wahrnehmungen, Graz, engineer Gerfried Stocker
track 16 - 18, direct to DAT, 5/22/1991, Kulturhaus Weiz, engineer Michael Krusche

Josef Klammer: drum, octapad. MIDI-controller
Seppo Gründler: guitar, MIDI-guitar, mouse, MIDI-controller, tapes

CD- and Booklet design by Peter Gerwin Hoffmann
Booklets manufactured by Druckwerk, Verein für Medienarbeit, Graz
Translation by Frank Newman  


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Klammer modulated his sounds by light-controllers (Photo by Werner Wolf)

stroke magnets are controlled by Klammers drum strokes (Photo by Werner Wolf)