Josef Klammer :: compositions

2009, 08, 07, 06, 05, 04, 03, 02, 01, 00:
for the GRAZ MARATHON -medal-CD ROM (:: Werkstadt Graz)

1983: Music for Gunter Falk and Wolfgang Bauer (with Seppo Gruendler, Carynthian Spring).

1984: Funeralmusik for the funeral of the painter Gottfried Fabians (with S.Gruendler und Kurt Kristoferitsch).

1985: "Gold Marsch Marsch", 5 sec. on a leav-gilded drum, a performance by Joachim Baur (Secession/Vienna and Graz)

1988 /89: "Chicken extended Concert", a living chicken extended the Duo for two concerts in Graz 1988 (Jazz M59 / gamsbArt) and Klagenfurt 1989 (Unikum). • MORE

1989: Sound in the Intermedium, composition commissioned by the comunity of Graz and the GM Studio, (with S.Gruendler, MC).

1989: Music for a satelite party, an art-project by R.Kriesche a. P.G.Hoffmann, Gröbming (with S.Gruendler).

1991: music for the movie "Steirermark" by R.Kriesche and P.G.Hoffmann (with S.Gruendler)

1992: Transit Jingle, Jingle for the Transit-program ORF/Artradio

1994: "GOLDSTIMME E.G.RADIO 3", a composition proceed from the voice of Ernst Grissemann, a work commissioned by ORF/Artradio/Transit, Performance: ORF-studio Tyrol, with Joachim Baur.

1995: "Die Analogen", a realtime composition for the Central Europe Percussion Ensemble DAMA DAMA (Bruenn), composition comissioned by Open Music / Graz

1995: "neues Programm", Klammer&Gründler Duo, Kompositionsauftrag vom Musikprotokoll ´95, steirischer herbst (styrian autumn) ´95.
• SAMPLE (11.344 KB)

1996: music for silent movie "The General" by Buster Keaton, with the "noise of 3" trio (Peter Herbert, Seppo Gruendler, Josef Klammer), Filmforum Bregenz

1998: "MOST" elektroacoustic drum sonata, composition commissioned by WERKSTADT GRAZ for the exhibition "Delavnica mesto Gradec"Slovenj Gradec / Slovenia

1998: "Entschuldigen Sie bitte, falsch Verbunden", 3 jingles for the Europian Month of Culture in Linz

1998: "AVL", a composition with car- and motor-sounds created by AVL / Graz for the 50th anniversary of AVL / Graz, Graz / Paris.

1999: "Karton", composition for 4 and 2 loudspeaker membranes, commissioned by Werkstadt Graz, together with Seppo Gruendler, Graz

1999: "Kitsuka", drum solo for 4 snare drums and 4 engine sound tracks and presentation of the CD Kitsuka, AVL List Graz, / in Graz and Paris

1999: "Besenuebung Teil 1" (exercise for Jazz-brushes), attempt of a composition about the "Ursonate" by Kurt Schwitters, ORF / Artradio - "Schwittradio"

2000: "Acoustic Emission", realtime composition for Effectprocessors and singing and dancing christmast figures, "Expeditiones since 1987 - Werkstadt Graz", Galerie IGBILDENDEKUNST, Vienna

2001: "New Memories", composer in residence at the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics of the Music University / Graz

2001: CD-Q composition proceed from the Consonant Q for the Q LTMAHL by Werner Hofmeister

2002: "Lift" (elevator), inauguration-music for the work of art & contruction "Lift", together with Seppo Gruendler, art: Joachim Baur (Werkstadt Graz), construction: Michael Haberz.

2003: music for a movie by Carl Mayer, Diagonale 03, "Carl Mayer, Scenar(t)ist" (w. S. Gründler)

2003: TOYSRUS 1.0 - DSMESS:Drum Skin Moduladet Effect- and Sound System. Development an composition commissioned by the Institute for Elektronic Music and Acoustics / Music-universiy Graz/Austria

2005: "Toysrus 1.1", drum performance with the Surroundsystem of :: ORPHEUM Graz, with DJ DERO

2005: "VOX FOX" - Voice and Drum Performance, "listening between the lines" Ars Electronica Festival

2006: "Toysrus 1.2" - Voice and Drum Performance, Festival "Liquid Music" Judenburg / Austria
• SAMPLE (1.941 KB)

2008: "Die Latente Partitur" (the latent score) - concert for radio orchestra and drum set, with 8 radio hams from the OEVSV Ortsgruppe Judenburg; commissioned by Liquid Music / Voice and Drum Performance, Festival "Liquid Music" Judenburg / Austria

2008 / 09: TOYSRUS 2.0 and 3.0, development an composition commissioned by the Institute for Music and Acoustics / :: ZKM Karlsruhe / Germany and the Institute for Elektronic Music and Acoustics / Music-universiy Graz/Austria

2014: "Trommeln ist ein Dehnbarer Begriff" (drumming is an Elastic Concept)
Staged solo concert for percussion and entertainment electronics
:: Josef Klammer: cencept, music, toys, electronics, :: Ernst M. Binder: stage director
:: Geari Schreilechner: light and sound engineer, in cooperation with :: dramagraz
Premiere: Ars Electronica Festival / Lentos / LInz / Austria and:: dramagraz / Graz / Austria

2018: "Communicating Monologues" - Being there is everything
:: Jaap Blonk: voice, computer, :: Josef Klammer: sythetic voices, e-percussion
:: Ars Electronica Festival / Big Concert Night / Post City / LInz / Austria

2018: Interlude Clown
An intermezzo by Josef Klammer, oscillating between reality and actuality (2003-18)
Eine Pausenmusik von Josef Klammer, oszilierend zwischen Realität und Wirklichkeit (2003 - 2018).
:: Ars Electronica Festival / Big Concert Night / Post City / LInz / Austria