Josef Klammer :: Chicken extended Concert

Chicken extended Concert
Klammer%Gründler Duo - Josef
Klammer, Seppo Gründler, 1988-89

A living chicken extended the Duo for two concerts in Graz 1988 (Jazz M59 / gamsbArt) and Klagenfurt 1989 (Unikum).

A board was covered with piezo elements, which where connected to the trigger inputs of Klammer's Roland Octapad. Chicken feed was placed on the board and the hopefully hungry chicken picked at the grain, thus triggering samples, in a not random, but unpredictable way.
In Graz the chicken was lively and agitated by the sounds it made, improvising alongside Gruendler's guitar sounds, in Klagenfurt the owners feed the chicken well before the gig, so it prefered to remain passive and listen to the music.
Nevertheless this were the first performances of chicken controlled sampling based music on stage.

Video stills from VHS footage, KGD live at Unikum, Klagenfurt, January 20th 1989