Josef Klammer :: KlammerGruendler Duo
Klammer&Gruendler Duo

:: Seppo Gruendler: guitar, electronics
:: Josef Klammer:
drums, electronics

• youtube video - live at Mopomoso Festival, Vortex, London, July 18th 2010

Klammer & Gruendler have been working on the implementation of their “New Improvised Electronic Music” for over 30 years, creating pieces like Razionalnik - first multilateral telematic midi concert, Im Trockenraum – Austrias first earphones concert for 100 earphones, RGB – synchronizing two ensembles (Berlin/Graz) via TV pictures, numerous sound installations, music for theatre and radiophonic pieces.

Minute hearing. Open-ear sound surgery. Patching. Detecting and connecting. Dispatching. Padding and leaving. Foraying and bursting out. Moulding to break the mould. Unsoiled and peculiar. Klammer & Gruendler form their highly intelligent sound pieces out of exorcised ghosts, the souls of good-tempered, stretched forms of electro-acoustic and digital-improvised music, ironically subduing new music’s controlling gesture. Their audio is elaborate, precise, impulsive, puzzled, border-crossing and startling. Reinventing itself radically and intensely, thus leaving the potential bleakness of conceptual music behind.

More than ever, the duo’s actual digital live-processing is designed for interaction, modulation and restructuring. The “Klammer-Gruendler Interface” transforms its individual parts in real-time, broils its modules, condenses the parameters and scatters the variables.

KLAMMER & GRUENDLER arbeiten seit mehr als 30 Jahren in Graz als Duo an der Umsetzung ihrer 'Neuen Improvisierten Elektronischen Musik'. So entstand u.a. das weltweit erste multilaterale, telematische Midi-Konzert - Razionalnik, das erste österreichische Kopfhörerkonzert für 100 Kopfhörer - Im Trockenraum, das über Fernsehbilder synchronisierte Datenkonzert - RGB, zahlreiche Bühnenmusiken und Radioproduktionen sowie diverse Klanginstallationen.

Punktgenaues Hören. Tonchirurgie am offenen Ohr. Drähte ziehen. Finden und verbinden. Lücken lassen. Füllen und verlassen. Ein- und Ausfallen. Rein und sein lassen können. Klammer & Gründler gelingen hochintelligente wie – lebendige Klangteilverbinder aus den exorzierten Geistern gutgelaunt gedehnter Formen der Elektroakustik und der freien Digitalimprovisation sowie der ironischen Kontrolle des kontrollierenden Gestus der Neuen Musik. Ihr Audio ist durchdacht, präzise, impulsiv, kleinteilig, überschreitend und überraschend. Es hat alle potenzielle Ödnis einer puren Konzeptakustik komplett hinter sich gelassen und erfindet sich stetig konzentriert und radikal neu.

Die aktuelle digitale Live-Prozessierung des Duos ist mehr denn je auf permanente Interaktion, Modulation und Neustrukturierung ausgelegt. Das Interface Klammer-Gründler transformiert seine Einzelteile in Echtzeit, verkocht die Module, kondensiert die Parameter und zerstreut die Variablen.

Marcus Maida
• pdf (36 KB) :: Marcus Maida about KGD / Jazzzeit 77 (only German)

What is the ratio of Austria's geographical size to the number, quality and ideas of its contemporary musicians?

To put it in other words: does a centuries-old, globally lasting musical tradition promote just a potential for instead real innovation? And is this innovation merely a reaction to a musical Americanism that found its parameters in - rebellious - jazz and Afro-American music on the one hand, and - on the other hand - set the standard for technique and perfection? Can we compare ourselves with the latest trends and developments of the American music scene?

That's what we wanted to find out when in the autumn of 1993 we set up the small music festival "Austrian Soundcheck" and attempted to do a first screening of the Austrian innovative jazz scene ranging from improvisation, all sorts of cross-overs to electro-acoustic music. At the end of the three days we had realized that presenting the originality of this Austrian musical cross-section had been overdue. The result of the festival was our determination not to let the finest of its projects stew in their own juice any longer - but to have them put up to comparison.

Where else but in New York's "Knitting Factory" - the standard-setting disreputable domicile of the avant-garde of jazz and rock, from where some years before bands had started to tour Europe's relevant clubs and festivals - should "Austrian Soundcheck" be put to the test for international qualification?

The "Klammer & Gründler Duo" from Graz were among the three unconventional duos to be presented at the first "Austrian Soundcheck" in the Knitting Factory on May 8th and 9th 1994. Without doubt the couple were the most innovative and substantial band on the program. After 12 years of consequent work and musical practice with sampling techniques, electronic environment and electro-acoustic happening they surely are among the world's best in this genre. Finding their own concept of music in the almost non-verifiable modern scenario of computer music, sound manipulation and electro-acoustic improvisation between experiment and new musical insight, makes them outright unique.

The formal components of their highly dynamic improvisations are sounds produced by themselves and reflections on these sounds, electronic reflections on natural bodies of sound and environment-scans for potential sound sources, together with a questioning and rejecting of structures. Their approach is viewing the computer as a tool of making worlds perceptible.

The CD does not just reproduce a live performance. What is more, "Klammer & Gründler" used the recordings of their two concerts as raw material, separated, collected and re-shifted the parts to produce a paradoxical live event.

A paraphrase as another reflection. Perhaps a calmer one.

Otmar Klammer (translated into English by Lucia Waldhör)


Vinyl/CD with K&G Duo

1987: Single: "Razionalnik"  • SAMPLE

1988: LP: "Blu Ex" • MORE  • SAMPLE

1991: CD "Earshots" • MORE • SAMPLE

1991: CD "Han und Amin" / "V" (two radio plays with S. Gründler, Chr. Pölzl, E .M. Binder und H. Domitner) • MORE

1995: CD "fuenf", two reassembled concerts, live at the Knitting Factory / New York, • MORE  • SAMPLE

1995: CD" musikprotokoll ´95", sampler, musicprotokoll ´95, steirischer herbst (styria autumn) ´95 • order now, • SAMPLE

2006: CD "BERLIN", Klammer & Gründler Duo, :: Seppo Gründler - guitar, electronics, • MORE

2010: 2CD
sampler "Schrattenberg :: Hotel Pupik 99 - 09", music projects together with :: Albert Pall, Bernhard Breuer, Heimo Wallner, Martin Zrost, W.V. Wizlperger, :: Seppo Gründler, Paul Skrepek, :: Helge Hinteregger, Fritz Ostermayer etc.  order now

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