Josef Klammer :: RCC - Radio Controlled Concert
RCC - Radio Controlled Concert
ORF / Ö1 / Kunstradio / April 22th 2012 / 11pm

Josef Klammer - perkussion, electronics, concept
Seppo Gründler - guitar, electronics, concept

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Kunstradio’s foundation, artists Seppo Gründler and Josef Klammer have prepared a live radio performance entitled “RCC – Radio Controlled Concert”. Free to attend at the Audience Studio of the regional ORF headquarter in Graz, the concert is broadcast live on Ö1 radio.

This birthday concert is a small retrospective of the artists‘ own radio work, using elements and techniques from projects such as "V, fragmentary radio units“, "RGB“ (1997), "Four Radio“ (1997) and "Membrane“ (2008), as well as radio feedbacks and delays from the sound projects "Earshots“ (1991), "Telay“ (1993) and "Die latente Partitur“ (2005). The radio receiver serves as a music instrument and sound generator, with all available radio signals feeding into the 5.1 Surround Sound concert.

The radio set is an instrument.
The radio program is a modulator.
Radio is a sound source.
The TV screen is a conductor.

ORF radios Ö1, Ö2, Ö3 and FM4 are the sound sources and modulators of this live concert. Ö1 becomes a broadcast within the broadcast, it serves as a processor of feedback, loops and effects.
The TV channel ORF1 is the predetermined visualisation, with the red, green and blue parts being projected in the venue. The RGB signals of the moving image conduct the progress of the concert and complete the synaesthetic experience.
Improvised music breaks the finality of electronic signals. The de-synthesised TV image abandons the screen and influences the course of the concert as a purely electronic signal.
Not expanded cinema, but imploded cinema.

‚RCC‘ is a re-development and combination of the two significant radio works ‚RGB‘ and ‚Four Radio‘, both 1997, by Josef Klammer und Seppo Gründler. For further information on these projects visit

ORF Landesstudio Steiermark, Marburger Straße 20, A-8042 Graz

Das Fernsehprogramm ORF FS1 ist die vorbestimmte Visualisierung. Sichtbarim Landesstudio Steiermark als Rot-, Grün- und Blauanteile des Fernsehbildes.

Die RGB-Signale des Bildes nehmen direkten Einfluss auf den Konzertablauf(Dirigent) und vervollständigen das synästhetische Ereignis.

Die musikalische Improvisation bricht die definitive Bestimmtheit derelektronischen Signale auf. Das desynthetisierte Fernsehbild verlässt den Bildschirm und beeinflusst als reines elektronisches Signal denakustischen Verlauf.

Nicht Expanded sondern Imploded Cinema sozusagen.

RCC ist eine Weiterentwicklung, eine Subsumierung der zwei richtungsweisendenRadioarbeiten „RGB“ und „Four Radio“ aus den Jahr 1997, von Josef Klammer und Seppo Gründler

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